Ethereal Bodyworks

Where you come for your mind, body and soul.

Welcome to the Ethereal Bodyworks,

A loving compassionate space for weight loss, increase energy and improved vitality. Creating a strong sense of self by using Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture, herbs and guidance for those serious in being healthy.


I work with individuals who feel stuck in dealing with stress, depression, pain and weight gain.
Understanding that health imbalances are often rooted in diet and lifestyle. Together we create a plan that include exercise, meditation, stress management, home-based physical therapy, and personal development. I guide you into releasing blocks in order for you to feel well and to fully live out your personal journey.

As a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) professional, Licensed Acupuncturist, MSAc, and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arizona, I have gained multiple tools to help you transform your vitality and move through any blocks.